BKM series high efficiency hypoid gear box

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BKM series high efficiency hypoid geabox is a new generation of product developed by our company.
Fuses the advanced technology both at home and abroad.The mounting dimension of BKM the same with NMRV Serìes worm gearbox .Adpot gear transmission used for reference SEW helical gearbox structure to improve lransmission efficiency,solved NMRV worm gearbox transmission efficiency low,service life short and etc.questions.
In industrial developing BKM the role of saving energy and reducing consumption,green environmental protection.
Products characteristics:
1. Driven by hypoid gear ,has bìg ratios.
2. Large in output torpue ,high efficlency I energy saving and environmental protectìon.
3. Made of high-quqlity aluminum ally I light in weighl and non-rusting.
4. Smooth in rnning and low in nosie ,can work long time in dreadful conditions.
5. Good-Iooking in appearance ,durable in service life and small in volume.
6. Suitable for all round installation I wide application and easy of use.
7. The mounting dimension of BKM series are compatible with NMRV series worm gear unit(A part of NMRV050 dimenslons are different from BKM050)
8. Modular and multi-structure can meet the demands of various conditions