China best Gear Box for Tanaka CZPT 26mm 7t 6688737 3003339590 with Hot selling

Product Description

Gear Box for Tanaka CHINAMFG 26mm 7t 6688737

7T Gearhead Gearbox Fit For Strimmer Trimmer Brush Cutter Whipper 26mm 7 Spline
Which  for Brushcutter and Multi-Tool products – Suits 7 splines drive shaft, 26mm dimeter Conntector  
 Assembled with  blade, bump feed, line trimmer.

Suits 26mm outer diameter Pole

 It’s standard size, will fit most brush cutters and Multi-Tool on the market.

Brand OEM
Tanaka 6688737
Tanaka TBC-265
Fits: 7T Head Trimmer FEMALE 10 x 1.25
Specs: Diameter: 26mm

Certification: RoHS, CE, ISO, CCC
Power Source: Gasoline
Type: Trimmer Head
Material: Aluminum
Gear Head: Comes Blade Fixing Washer, Adapter Locking Nut
Gearbox: 26mm 7 Spline
US$ 29.99/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Importance of Lubrication in Gearbox Performance

Lubrication plays a critical role in ensuring the optimal performance, longevity, and reliability of gearboxes. Proper lubrication provides several key benefits:

  • Reduces Friction and Wear: Lubrication forms a protective layer between gear teeth, bearings, and other moving components, reducing friction and minimizing wear and tear.
  • Heat Dissipation: Lubricants help dissipate the heat generated during gear operation, preventing overheating and potential damage to components.
  • Noise Reduction: Adequate lubrication can dampen noise and vibration produced by gear meshing, leading to quieter and smoother operation.
  • Sealing and Contaminant Prevention: Lubricants create a barrier that seals out contaminants like dust, dirt, and moisture, preventing their entry and reducing the risk of corrosion and damage.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Proper lubrication reduces energy losses due to friction, improving the overall efficiency of the gearbox.
  • Extended Lifespan: Lubrication helps prevent premature component wear and failure, extending the lifespan of the gearbox and minimizing the need for costly repairs or replacements.
  • Optimal Performance: Gearboxes operate within specified tolerances when properly lubricated, ensuring they deliver the intended performance and functionality.

It’s essential to use the recommended lubricant type, viscosity, and change intervals specified by the gearbox manufacturer to ensure the best possible performance and longevity. Regular monitoring and maintenance of lubrication levels are crucial to preserving the health of the gearbox and its components.

China best Gear Box for Tanaka CZPT 26mm 7t 6688737 3003339590   with Hot selling		China best Gear Box for Tanaka CZPT 26mm 7t 6688737 3003339590   with Hot selling
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