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Product Description




Product Description
SPG series gearbox
SPG gearbox is a domestic independent research and development product. This design integrates Chinese traditional culture, the appearance is more novel, and the performance is more stable and efficient energy saving, torque rating<10, has a wide range of applications in the plastics industry,Its characteristics are as follows;

High Strength&High Precision 

· Select high strength cast iron 
· High precision CNC boring machines 
· High stiffness shock absorption design

Advanced Processing Technology
· Material: 17CrNiMoA
· High precision grinding and gear modification

Super High Load&Long Life 

· Use the world famous bearings
· Axial bearer:294 series self-aligning roller bearing  
·Multiple optimization of bearing design

Lubrication&Cooling Safety And Reliability
· Forced spray lubricatio 
· Effective plate heat exchange
· Flow/Temperature/Pressure monitor design


SPG gearbox power torque table
model CD(Mm) Torque Grade (T/A3) RPM 300R/ min RPM 400R/ min RPM 500R/ min RPM 600R/ min RPM 800R/ min RPM 900R/ min
SPG35 30 <10 15kw 18.5kW 22kw 30kw 37kw 45kw
SPG40 34.5 <10 22kw 30kw 37kw 45kw 55KW 55KW
SPG50 42 <10 45kw 55KW 75KW 90KW 110kw 132KW
SPG52 43 <10 45kw 55KW 75KW 90KW 110kw 132KW
SPG65 52 <10 75KW 110kw 132KW 160kw 220kw 250KW
SPG75 60 <10 132KW 160kw 220kw 250KW 315KW 355KW
SPG95 78 <10 250KW 350KW 400kW 500KW 710KW 800KW

Applications :

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Application: Machinery
Function: Speed Reduction
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Horizontal Type
Step: Three-Step
Type: Worm Gear Box


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Importance of Lubrication in Gearbox Performance

Lubrication plays a critical role in ensuring the optimal performance, longevity, and reliability of gearboxes. Proper lubrication provides several key benefits:

  • Reduces Friction and Wear: Lubrication forms a protective layer between gear teeth, bearings, and other moving components, reducing friction and minimizing wear and tear.
  • Heat Dissipation: Lubricants help dissipate the heat generated during gear operation, preventing overheating and potential damage to components.
  • Noise Reduction: Adequate lubrication can dampen noise and vibration produced by gear meshing, leading to quieter and smoother operation.
  • Sealing and Contaminant Prevention: Lubricants create a barrier that seals out contaminants like dust, dirt, and moisture, preventing their entry and reducing the risk of corrosion and damage.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Proper lubrication reduces energy losses due to friction, improving the overall efficiency of the gearbox.
  • Extended Lifespan: Lubrication helps prevent premature component wear and failure, extending the lifespan of the gearbox and minimizing the need for costly repairs or replacements.
  • Optimal Performance: Gearboxes operate within specified tolerances when properly lubricated, ensuring they deliver the intended performance and functionality.

It’s essential to use the recommended lubricant type, viscosity, and change intervals specified by the gearbox manufacturer to ensure the best possible performance and longevity. Regular monitoring and maintenance of lubrication levels are crucial to preserving the health of the gearbox and its components.

China Hot selling High Strength High Precision Housing 17crnimoa High Load Long Life Gearbox   manufacturer China Hot selling High Strength High Precision Housing 17crnimoa High Load Long Life Gearbox   manufacturer
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