Exceptional Rotary Tiller Implement Gearboxes by XINLAN Company

Product Introduction: Rotary Tiller Implement Gearboxes

Our rotary tiller implement gearboxes are pivotal components in the agricultural industry. These products are designed to withstand harsh farming conditions, providing reliable and efficient power transmission for your rotary tiller implements. They offer significant advantages such as high durability, optimized performance, and easy maintenance. Whether you are preparing your soil for planting, removing weeds, or turning over crop residues, our gearboxes ensure your rotary tiller implement operates at its best.

The installation process is straightforward, and we provide detailed guidelines for maintenance to ensure the longevity of the product. Moreover, our gearboxes are adaptable to different types of environments, making them an essential asset for farming operations in varied climate conditions.

Product Selection: Choosing the Right PTO Shaft

Selecting the correct PTO shaft for your rotary tiller implement gearbox is crucial for optimal performance. Consider factors like the horsepower of your tractor, the working length of the PTO shaft, and the type of machine the shaft will be connected to. It is advisable to replace the PTO shaft if you notice excessive wear and tear, or if there is a significant decrease in your machine’s performance. Our team is always available to assist you in making the right selection.


Should there be a failure, we offer comprehensive repair services. Our expert technicians can diagnose the problem and provide efficient solutions, minimizing your downtime.

About XINLAN Company

Established as a frontrunner in the agricultural gearbox market in China, XINLAN Company takes pride in offering a wide range of high-quality products. Besides rotary tiller gearboxes, we specialize in lawn mower gearboxes, rakes, feed mixer gearboxes, post hole digger gearboxes, salt spreaders, and a variety of Tractors and harvester gearboxes.

We utilize fully automatic CNC production equipment and assembly lines to ensure precision and quality. We welcome customers for product customization and offer replacements for comer, omni, bush hog gearboxes. We also provide matching PTO Shaft products for customers to choose from.

PTO Shaft product picture

Choose XINLAN Company for robust, reliable, and efficient rotary tiller implement gearboxes. Enhance your farming operations with our durable products!