• Engine gearboxes are maintenance-free, small power sources for driving vent, display, house and flap ventilation systems in greenhouses.
• Single phase and 3 phase options for your own needs.
• Key feature of the drives are a self-braking worm gear transmission and a built-in linear limit switch unit.
shaft-mounted gear motors are finish electromechanical drives in which the speed of the installed electrical motor is reduced to the required value using two to 4 reduction stages. The drives are high performance and durable and feature a concise and lightweight design.

The compact design is manufactured possible through the combination of a spur/worm gear drive with motors optimized for performance. motors also feature a 60 to 70 percent weight-loss compared to commercially available drive motors. This is achieved through the consistent application of aluminum die casting technology, which guarantees a high degree of rigidity for the gear and motor housing concurrently.

Each drive is produced and tested particularly for every order and customer. A Greenhouse Gear Motor sophisticated modular system allows for a great diversity of types and a optimum degree of customization to client requirements.

Thanks to their integrated control products, the shaft-mounted gear motors are the ideal drives for applications in reversing mode. In both rotation directions, described end positions are secured by two placement limit switches. This uncomplicated option does not only simplify the cabling, but also makes it possible to configure the end positions quickly and easily. The high shut-off precision of the limit switches ensures safe operation moving forwards and backwards.
This gearmotor integrates a gearbox, a power motor, and limit switches. It really is connected with a steel shaft to carefully turn the pinions for greenhouse ventilation. With the support of electric panel, it could run and then stop after set quantity of turns. After that it can open and close the windows for greenhouse ventilation to correct positions.
To maintain the delicate environment in the greenhouse, climate control systems certainly are a necessity. Numerous mechanical systems could be used in this respect; however cup vent drive systems tend to be the most famous. The drive system consists of a central gearmotor linked to a 40:1 right angle reducer with dual output shafts. These OP shafts connect to long jack shafts that spread over the roof type of the greenhouse connecting to multiple rack and pinion mechanisms that open and close large glass home window panes in the ceiling for temperature control.
According to the size of the application (length of the shafting, volume and weight of the window panes) we offers two gearmotor solutions from a modified edition of their 200 series parallel shaft collection – 1/5 HP and 1/20 HP. The application form Is generally intermittent used; nevertheless the motors are ranked continuous because the glass pane home windows may potentially be under continuous, subtle adjustment throughout the day.
Gear Motor, also referred to as Electric motor Gearboxes, is a specific kind of electrical motor that’s designed to generate high torque while maintaining a minimal horsepower, or low rate, motor output. Gear motors can be found in many different applications, specifically for the greenhouse, livestock and agricultural industry, our motors are available options to use roof vents, wall vents,roof shading and screening, they attach to the shaft with chain couplings that compensate for alignment mistakes and can be quickly taken out without disturbing the whole shaft.
shaft-mounted gear motors are total electromechanical drives where the speed of the installed electrical motor is decreased to the desired value using two to 4 reduction stages. The drives are powerful and durable and feature a concise and lightweight design.